Call Guard PRO Block Calls & SMS v3.9.1 Patched [Latest]

Call Guard PRO Block Calls & SMS

Call Guard PRO Block Calls & SMS – Download Call Guard Premium cracked Paid Block Calls & SMS app for Android free,Call Guard is the most affordable, advanced and feature rich call and sms blocking app on the market! Guaranteed! Now with Full Pick up/Hang up mode(no voicemail,no notifications) support for all android versions (sms blocking limitations on 4.4 and above).

  • App Features:
    ✔ Stealth mode-hide the application icon,nobody will know there is a call blocker installed
    ✔ Drop Call (will send to voice mail if VM enabled or busy signal if no VM enabled);
    ✔ Answer/Hang up mode (no voicemail, no busy signal, will LITERALLY PICK UP and then HANG UP)
    ✔ Muted (discreet blocking without the other party knowing that they are being blocked, ringer set to mute)
    ✔ Don’t block, just hide from call log – private calls, will not block the call, but delete traces of it in the call log.
    ✔ Block outgoing calls – all outgoing, all from your contact list, all not in your contact list, block outgoing based on a black list. Ideal if you leave your device unattended, give it to someone else or have kids and do not want them to use your phone for outgoing calls.
    ✔ Block numbers by template (0180,0181etc.)
    ✔ Password protection for the app under settings, useful when you block outgoing calls.
    ✔ Block all incoming SMS/MMS, block unknown numbers or add a white or black list for SMS/MMS.
    ✔ Block SMS containing text (comma separated list of keywords)
    ✔ Use general settings or add filters for a specific day and/or time.
    ✔ Filters tailored by days of the week, time of day (start/end hour); Specific drop options for the filters.
    ✔ Reply with a SMS for all the blocked incoming Calls or Text Messages (filter or general settings).
    ✔ Delete call log entry for blocked calls.
    ✔ Home Screen widget (On/Off toggle)
    ✔ Notification icon
    ✔ Customizable Notification for the missed calls (you can use a custom text like “update available” to hide the fact that a certain Call/SMS/MMS was blocked.
    ✔ Keep an in app history for all blocked calls and text messages.
    ✔ Easy statistics inside the app for all blocked events.
    ✔ Notification system for blocked Calls/SMS/MMS – normal notification, sound notification, led and vibration.
    ✔ Operational Manual.

Call Guard-SMS & Call Blocker
Call Guard-SMS & Call Blocker
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