Swipeup Utility Pro v2.1.3 Premium Cracked [MOD APK]

Swipeup Utility Pro Modded App

Swipeup Utility Pro Modded App – download Swipeup Utility Pro Modded apk for android Swipeup Utility allows you to customize your phone’s assist function. It’ll give you super quick access to voice search, camera, calculator, and whatever else you might need.

  • Do nothing! Swipeup Utility’s original purpose was to get that annoying swipe gesture out of the way, so if you choose to do nothing, your swipes will- do nothing!
  • Assign the gesture to any app- Launch Bing instead of Google. Or start your music. Or messages.
  • Swipeup Utility’s Actions- Trigger recent apps, voice search, home button press, quick search, long-press search, or video camera.

Swipeup Utility
Swipeup Utility
Developer: Adrian Campos
Price: Free

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