Thor Lord of Storms APK Ultra MOD v1.1.0 [Latest]

Thor Lord of Storms APK Ultra MOD

Thor Lord of Storms APK Ultra MOD – Download Thor Lord of Storms APK full cracked game for Android free, Thor: Lord of Storms is a free action-packed game based on the magnificent Norse myths. Choose your hero – mighty Thor, wise Freya or intrepid Brunhilde – to strike against the forces of evil. Fight against demons, giants and monsters, and confront their masters: Loki the trickster, Surt the bringer of flame, and Fenrir the great wolf.

Use the awesome power of Thor, God of Thunder, to push back the forerunners of Ragnarok in this unique, highly stylized interpretation of the classic myths! Dark magical portals have appeared throughout the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil, spewing forth vile creatures of chaos and destruction in all the realms. Assist the gods of Asgard in their desperate struggle to delay the apocalypse!

Epic Heroes – Destroy your enemies as the mighty thunder god Thor, armed with the magical hammer Mjolnir. Use Freya’s sorcery to turn the tide of battle. Deliver death’s chilling embrace with the steadfast valkyrie, Brunhilde. Summon the other gods of Asgard including Odin, Tyr and Eir as well as other creatures and figures from Norse mythology to aid you in this epic campaign!

  • Features:
    – Simple controls, deep and challenging gameplay
    – Fight your way and destroy dark magical portals throughout the worlds of Yggdrasil
    – Choose a mighty champion of Norse mythology:
    – Thor the Thunderer, Freya the Enchantress, or Brunhilde the Fierce
    – Upgrade your hero to improve your stats and unlock new skills
    – Summon Odin, Eir, Tyr, and other mythical creatures to aid you in battle
    – Build up and upgrade your armies to defeat the harbingers of Ragnarok
  • Mod info – Gold/Gems

Thor: Lord of Storms
Thor: Lord of Storms
Developer: iCandy Games
Price: To be announced

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